Cold Fish (2011, Japan)

Starring: Mitsuri Fukikoshi, Denden, Megumi Kagurazaka, Hikari Kajiwara
Director: Sion Sono
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Language: Japanese
My Rating: 5/5

In an unhappy home, Mr. Shamamto lives with his second wife Taek and daughter Mitsuko from first marriage. The daughter is filled with rage that her father remarried so shortly after her mother’s death. The stepmother lives with the guilt that perhaps she is the cause of her stepdaughter’s troubles. In this uneasy enviornment, Mr. Shamamoto runs “Shamoto’s Tropical Fish Store” out of their home.

Then on a rainy evening Mr. Shamoto receives a phone call and learns his daughter has been caught for shoplifting. Mr. Shamamoto and his wife quickly leave for the store. When they arrive, they find a furious manager in the back storeroom berating their daughter. The Shamoto’s apologize profusely, but their words fail to appease the seething manager, who believes this isn’t the first time their daughter has stolen from the store. In fact, the manager is threatening to call the police.

Suddenly, a seemingly mild manner man walks into the storeroom and attempts to pacify the manager. The man’s name is Mr. Murata and he is the owner of “Amazon Gold Tropical Fish Store”. Mr. Murata is also the person that reported their daughter to the manager. The man has a way with his words and in no time the manager is wrapped around his finger. Before leaving the store, Mr. Murata invites the Shamoto family to visit his tropical fish store, which is only a few miles away. While leaving the store he offers to drive their daughter in his brand new red ferrari.

When the Shamoto’s arrive at “Amazon Gold Tropical Fish Store” they are amazed by the vast selection of fishes and the sheer expansiveness of the store. They also meet Mr Murata’s wife. During their chat at the store Mr. Murata offers their daughter a job at “Amazon Gold Tropical Fish Store” and boarding at his workplace. He currently has 6 other employees living in his company dormitory. The Shamoto’s, already in awe of Mr. Murata’s success, do not refuse his offer. Their willingness to let their daughter stay & work there is partly due to their troubled daughter’s need for help and partly due to the parents need for privacy in their small home. Unfortunately for the Shamotos, they soon learn that not all that glitters is gold and in fact they have fallen under the spell of a cold blooded serial killer.”

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