Strange Circus (2005, Japan)

Starring: Masumi Miyazaki, Issei Ishida, Fujiko
Director: Sion Sono
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Horror
Language: Japanese
My Rating: 5/5

Adolescent Mitsuko is forced to watch her parents’ lovemaking by her perverted father and her domineering mother, who imprison her in a cello case employed with a peephole. When Mitsuko’s mother apparently dies, her father forces the girl to be the victim of his incestuous desires, which drives her to attempt suicide with a leap from a height… yet all of this is apparently just the new novel being penned by reclusive, wheelchair-bound author Taeko (Masumi Miyazaki, who also plays the mother). Or is it? Taeko is assigned a new assistant, effeminate admirer Yuji, and the two begin a sexual relationship in Taeko’s ornately designed estate. But we soon must question the real identities of both Taeko and Yuji.”

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